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Have you ever thought about sedation dentistry to help treat and calm your nerves if you have any anxiety about visiting your dentist office? If you tend to get nervous at the thought of an oral health care treatment, sedation dentistry keep calm and relax you no matter which form of treatment you may need. Treatments range from mild sedatives via gas sedation, up to deep sedatives that can put a patient to sleep.

A popular form of sedation dentistry is known as laughing gas. Laughing gas is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. It is mild sedative that is introduced via a mask that is placed over your mouth and nose. Although the sedative can help you relax, it will wear off rather quickly.

For deeper levels of sedation, oral sedatives can be applied. Dosages can be altered ranging from a mild relaxant to putting the patient to sleep. However, treatments typically take 1 hour to fully take effect. For an instantaneous sedative, an intravenous sedation can be applied directly to your bloodstream. Dosages can be adjusted accordingly. For the deepest level of sedation, anesthesia can be used, which could put a patient to sleep for the entirety of a treatment.

Dr. Michael Tornow at Pony Express Dental wants to ensure your receive the best possible oral health care treatment. If you are thinking about getting a sedation dentistry treatment, please contact our dentist office in Draper, Utah, by calling us at 385-352-3136. Come on in, and get noticed with a better smile today!